Be Back in 2015!

Creepers Haunted House will return SCARIER than ever in 2015!


We Will Return!

After a short hiatus, Atlanta's CREEPIEST haunted house will be back in 2015 with a vengeance! Infamous for elaborate, hand-crafted sets and respected throughout the haunt industry, Creepers promises thrills and chills unlike anything you will find anywhere else! If patrons in the past were impressed by the haunted boat rides, working elevators, and indoor weather manipulations, nothing will prepare you for what's waiting just beyond the doors of Creepers!


The Legend Lives On…

Little Elizabeth Rose was the spoiled and covetous only child of the wealthy Creymore Funeral Home proprietors. Her mother and father never knew what to do when she would throw one of her famous tantrums. One night, her parents discovered that she had been stealing the family treasures off of the dead bodies who passed through the doors of Creymore. Confronted with her crimes, Elizabeth became enraged and stormed from her family’s residence within the funeral home and into the rainy night.

Her parents followed behind calling for their disgraced daughter to return home, but Elizabeth eluded them. She followed the train tracks that ran behind the funeral home deeper and deeper into the woods. As Elizabeth bounded down the tracks, the darkness grew in thicker around her. Hearing the echoes of her parents in pursuit behind her spurred her deeper into the woods until she came to a large bridge. The bridge, as she knew, carried passenger trains across a treacherous gorge known by the locals as The Black Hole. She made her way half way across the bridge then sat to rest. Her pockets, full of the coins she lifted from the eyes of corpses her parents ferried to the grave, jingled as she sat. Ever mischievous, she found entertainment aligning each coin along the lengths of the tracks. Her indignant mirth, however, must have deafened her, and before she knew it the train was upon her. Desperate, she flung herself from the bridge and into the black depths below. The weight of the stolen treasures still in her pockets dragged her further and further to her watery death. But her vengeance was swift, for as she drowned, the train above became derailed by the dead men’s coins she had left along the tracks. The spirits of the train passengers are said to still haunt the woods behind the Creymore Funeral Home. But, more perilous still is the ghost of little Elizabeth Rose who walks along the waters below the tracks…. READ LESS